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UPC Management, LLC is the administrative and management arm of the
UPC Energy Group, one of the most successful privately owned renewable
energy organizations in the world.  UPC Energy Group focuses on renewable
energy related investments and
development projects both domestically within
the United States as well as around the globe.  

The UPC team have a successful track record in financing and developing
large scale wind projects and have recently branched out into solar and other
areas of renewable energy development.

UPC Management, LLC provides the support required for these exciting
. We provide general management expertise for multiple entities
together with finance and accounting, human resources, information
, legal and executive administrative support to businesses and
teams working throughout North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Whether focused on one area of business management, a specific stage of
growth, or needs that are unique to a particular business segment, UPC
Management, LLC delivers solutions for any business at each given stage of its
life-cycle.  UPC Management, LLC has a track record of successfully launching
and managing organizations in oil and gas, solar development, wind
and commercial property as well as investments in renewable
energy related technology sectors.
UPC Management, LLC
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